[LFDA Publication]  « Le Bien-être animal: de la science au droit » traduit en anglais

[LFDA Publication] « Le Bien-être animal: de la science au droit » traduit en anglais

En 2015 se tenait à l’UNESCO le colloque international « Le Bien-être animal: de la science au droit », organisé par la Fondation Droit animal, Ethique et Sciences (LFDA). D’abord parus en français, les Actes sont désormais disponibles en anglais et téléchargeables gratuitement en ligne sous le titre « Animal Welfare: from Science to Law ».

Opening speech to the symposium • J.-C. Nouët 5
Introduction • S. Hild 7

What is animal welfare?
I Animal Welfare: A Brief History [PDF] • I.J.H. Duncan 13
II How to access animal sentience? The close relationships between emotions and cognition [PDF] • A. Boissy 21
III Evaluation of animal welfare: the weight of words and the power of numbers [PDF] • I. Veissier & R. Botreau 33
IV Animal sentience: use and abuse of words Semantic and translatological differences between « bien-être » (welfare) and « bientraitance » (good treatment) of animals [PDF] • A. Guillaume 41
V To which animals does animal welfare apply in law and why? [PDF] • T. Auffret van der Kemp 47

Animal welfare as taken into account by law around the world: globalisation and disparities
VI The European Union legislation on animal welfare: state of play, enforcement and future activities [PDF] • D. Simonin & A. Gavinelli 59
VII Legal standards and animal welfare in European countries [PDF] • M. Falaise 71
VIII Why American Animal-Protective Legislation Does Not Always “Stick” and the Path Forward [PDF] • T.L. Bryant & M. Sullivan 77
IX Animal welfare in Central and South America: What is going on? [PDF] • A.P. de Oliveira Souza, L. Oliveira Leite & C. Forte Maiolino Molento 88
X Animal welfare in Africa: strength of cultural traditions, challenges and perspectives [PDF] • D.N. Qekwana, C.M.E. McCrindle, B. Cenci-Goga & Delia Grace 103
XI Animal welfare in Asia: specific flaws and strengths, future trends and objectives [PDF] • Q. Nizamuddin & Sira Abdul Rahman 109

Animal welfare in the face of socio-economic and cultural factors
XII The Costs and Benefits of Animal Welfare
XIII Impact of international trade on ethical norms [PDF] • K. Mercier 123
XIV Is Animal Welfare Better on Smaller Farms? [PDF] • D.M. Weary, J. Robbins, D. Fraser & M.A.G. von Keyserlingk 133
XV Initiatives and achievements by farmers and the livestock sector in favour of animal welfare [PDF] • Jean-Louis Peyraud & Luc Mirabito 141
XVI Consumer information supplements the official (statutory) animal protection efforts in Switzerland [PDF] • Hans-Ulrich Huber & Sara Wehrli 155

Objectives for the future: finding alternatives, overcoming the shortcomings
XVII Legally accepted pain and other poor welfare in animals [PDF] • D.M. Broom 165
XVIII Importance of living environment for the welfare of captive animals: behaviours and enrichment [PDF] • C. Sueur & M. Pelé 175
XIX The French national strategy for animal welfare: 20 priority actions • P. Dehaumont 189

Conclusion to the symposium
Animal welfare, law and ethics • L. Schweitzer 191

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